Ash-heap Millionaires

Portsmouth, United Kingdom

On the 11th of May we invite you to a truly unique event. For your pleasure, Saffron Theatre intends to bring the roaring twenties back for one glorious evening. As well as enjoying a specially themed two-course meal, and a whole bill of entertainment, we encourage you all to interact freely with an array of twenties personalities performed throughout the evening, enriching each and everyone’s experience. But the show doesn’t stop there; after dining the merriment continues in a ball like manner, you’re welcomed to make use of the bar, and as ever we will continue to perform. Expect singing, dancing, live music, dramatic scene, vaudevillian talents and of course, what twenties party would be complete without a few flappers? So put on the Ritz and join us at Guildhall, Portsmouth for an evening you wont want to forget.

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Thank you.


What do you get?

By backing our project, not only do you receive special thanks and certain special edition memorabilia of the show, but you also get the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped to showcase the talent of up and coming designers, directors, writers, performers and choreographers. As well as that you get a sense of pride in knowing that you've contributed to 4 student's final grades for their project ;)

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Good luck Vix, hope my donation helps :) Dani xxxxxxx
It certainly does lady! Thank you so so much! If you'd be so kind as to maybe circulate the link in an email around the office in the morning too that would be ace! See u soon xxxx
Good luck! Tis an amazing idea :) xx
Really looking forward to the show
Open Bar sounds great!! :) Free drinks all night...... I'm there!


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£2 or more

£2.00 or more : By donating £2 or more, you will earn a very big thank you from the team. :)


£5 or more

£5.00 or more : By donating £5 or more you will earn a big thank you from the team and a special mention on our Facebook 'Wall of Fame'.


£10 or more

£10.00 or more : As well as receiving all of the above, by donating £10 or more you will receive our undying thanks and a special edition of our show poster, signed by the cast and company.


£25 or more

£25.00 or more : As well as all the above, by donating £25 you will receive a free copy of F Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" also signed by cast and company.


£50 or more

£50.00 or more : By donating £50 or more, not only do you receive all of the above, but you also receive a free glass of bucks fizz on arrival (should you wish to purchase a ticket to our wonderful show!).


£100 or more

£100.00 or more : If you are generous enough to donate £100 or more, as well as receiving our deepest thanks and undying gratitude, you will also receive all of the above rewards plus one shiny free ticket to the event.