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In a world where our 20-30 somethings have been forced back to their parents houses, are working jobs they hate in order to chase the dreams they love, and have resorted to speed-dating after finding online dating sites full of weirdos, we attempt to answer why life is so bloody complicated. We have devised a comedy sketch show which explores soul-crushing mundane office politics, the blurring of relationships and sexuality and why your mother won't stop calling you...

What does your Money do?

Apart from it being the root of all evil, it also rents our theatre and rehearsal space so we can create the show. We pledge to not buy too many biscuits, but use it to pay our actors, props, technical staff, and marketing costs. 

We have an open book policy, and you are more than welcome to contact us at any time to ask for the book to be opened. 

What do I get?

Apart from our generous and most profound gratitude, we can offer a range of gifts such as prime tickets for the shows, exclusive interviews with the cast, exclusive backstage access before there even is a backstage, and maybe even a drink or two (water, most likely).

So why should I bother? 

Good question. We are a bunch of actors who are genuinly puzzled why life seems to veer so off course after university or training. We do not mean just our lives as Homo Thespianus, but general mankind seems to struggle with the basics of relationships, work, and making a proper cup of tea. We also just really like to perform, put on a show, and make you laugh.

On a serious note: we are all working actors (or actors who work) and without your help we cannot bring up the costs to make this happen. 

Sounds great! How can I help?

Yay! Just click the button on the screen to donate!

Posted: Tuesday, 12 November, 2013 - 15:11

At the end of a week of intense all-day rehearsals so much has happened! You can watch bits of it on Jac's Vlog but what is not shown there is that we have, during this week, managed to fully devise the show. Yes, we have a show, a script, scenes, the whole lot! Running order of individual scenes has been determined through a highly technical and sophisticated process:

And we will now kick into the last stages of preparation with a flyer, designed by the amazing Frazer Marr

Some photos and other bits and bobs are on our Facebook Page

Meet the Cast:Stefan
Posted: Friday, 01 November, 2013 - 14:11

Stefan's favourite roles to date are: Counsellor Richard Wells in Prosmiseland; A hard hitting drama about the sex trafficking trade in London. Wren in the futuristic and dystopic musical 'Requiem For Tomorrow' and Jake in his self penned short film 'Family Again'. Stefan has just finished a 4 week run at the blue elephant theatre, playing the hangman in Thomas Kyd's classic 'The Spanish Tragedy' with Lazarus Theatre Company

Jac is relentless: Rehearsal Vlogv
Posted: Thursday, 31 October, 2013 - 13:10

Oh yes. She had a camera, and when she was not devising herself, she sat quietly in a corner and filmed it all. You can see a Vlog of our first rehearsal here:

And yes, we know exactly what we are doing. 

Meet the Cast: Tom
Posted: Thursday, 31 October, 2013 - 13:10

Meet our Second Man of the Week: Tom McAdam

Tom was born and raised in South London and trained at the London Repertory Company Academy. His theatre work includes Shut Up (National Theatre), Twelfth Night (Bloomsbury Theatre and Liverpool Tour), The Blue Room (Woolwich Bathway), Merry Christmas Mr Schrodinger (Old Red Lion), 55 Days (Hampstead Theatre) and The Spanish Tragedy (Blue Elephant Theatre). Film and Television work includes Kick-Ass and Derren Brown’s Apocalypse. 

Jac did it again!
Posted: Tuesday, 29 October, 2013 - 16:10

She wrote a blob! About us! As we went for our first rehearsal last week, Jac stalked us with her camera phone, and we knew she would remember every single thing we did and said. But it was okay, because the owner of our homebase for this project, Wapping Arts, brought us cake. It distracted her a little, and here you can read the result. With pictures! So you can see that we really were Doing Things.

Meet the Cast: Mat
Posted: Tuesday, 22 October, 2013 - 17:10

Now that you have met all the ladies, it is time we introduce you to our boys. First up: the awesome Mathew Foster: 

Since graduating from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2012, Mathew has appeared in 55 Days at Hampstead Theatre, directed by Howard Davies, worked with Shakespeare's Globe on their Read Not Dead productions at the Globe itself and at Wilderness Festival, and appeared in Lazarus Theatre's productions of Dido: Queen of Carthage and Lear at Greenwich Theatre, playing Achates and France respectively. He also originated the part of Steven in David W. Bryan's play Orion's Hat at the Tristan Bates Theatre, collaborated with Met Film School graduate James Murphy on his film Hold On and played the lead role of Siegfried in William Relton's dramatic staging of Wagner's Ring Cycle at the British Library as part of the 'Wagner 200' event. As a writer, Mathew wrote and directed two short plays at the Old Red Lion for Writer's Bloc UK, and appeared in Poleroid Theatre's Write It : Mic It event at Hackney Attic performing his own material. Most recently he starred in 'Sitting With Thistle' at the Lion and Unicorn, and filmed a role for Mark Gatiss' drama The Tractate Middoth which will be screened on the BBC this Christmas.

Meet the Cast: Nat and Daisy
Posted: Sunday, 13 October, 2013 - 21:10

So, hey, these are two more of us!

Meet Natalie:

Natalie trained for two years at Bird College of Dance, Music and Theatre Performance in acting and musical theatre. Some of her most recent credits include the acclaimed Orion's Hat (Tristan Bates Theatre), double Off West End Award nominated Much Ado About Nothing (Grassroots Shakespeare London) and Electra: Her Life (Lazarus Theatre Company). She has also worked with known directors and writers such as Fiona O'Malley, Sandy Nicholson and Alex Parsonage.

And also introducing Daisy:

Daisy, or Desiree Scholten as she is officially called, was born in the Netherlands. After a stint at becoming an academic brought her to Cambridge to study history, she discovered acting as a new way of story telling. At Cambridge she played in the Corpus Playrooms, Pembroke New Cellars, the Graduate Union, and the ADC Theatre. Now she has finished university she has changed the course of her life, and is training with Fourth Monkey and learning as much as she can about acting. This is a whole new adventure!


Meet the Cast: Carly and Jac
Posted: Saturday, 12 October, 2013 - 22:10

Here are the first two members of our cast of Very Confused People.

Meet Carly:
After graduating from Brunel University with a BA in Modern Drama, Carly then trained at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama achieving an MA in Performance Practices and Research.

Since then, Carly has been working professionally as an actor mainly in devised work or new writing. She is one of the founding members of OutHouse Collective, an associate company of The Roundhouse, Camden, and she has worked alongside renowned performance artist Marisa Carnesky on several projects, including Carnesky’s Tarot Drome at the Old Vic Tunnels.

Carly is also the voice of the new ‘Bizzy the Butterfly’ audiobooks, a children's television presenter and a published writer. She likes biscuits, David Bowie and writing in the third person.

And then there is Jac:

She wrote an awesome blog, and has promised to keep you up to date. You can find the link to her posts here

Posted: Wednesday, 09 October, 2013 - 01:10

We have confirmed a venue! On the 1st and 2nd of December we will perform in the wonderful Hen and Chickens in Islington!

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