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DRUNKEN NIGHTS provides emerging and early career artists with support and opportunities to create work specifically for pubs and bars; fusing stand-up, theatre, dance, live-art, music, and even karaoke. You can find out more about the project so far here.

>>>>>This exciting project is a re-imagining of theatre, exuberantly and precisely performed by a maverick collection of hosts, as they spin the audience through the highs and lows of a big night out.'  (Cathy Naden, Forced Entertainment).<<<<<

We have been invited to present a one-off special of the event, on Friday 10th May as part of Accidental Festival. 

In order to make the event happen, and particularly to keep it free to all audiences, we need to raise £200. The project was initially funded with support from Arts Council England, Rich Mix and Wandsworth Arts Grants, and this modest amount of crowd-funding will allow us to keep the project moving whilst we apply for further funding to secure the future of DRUNKEN NIGHTS. 

The line-up for Accidental DRUNKEN NIGHTS in Camden includes:

***Adam James***

***Patrizia Paolini***

***Massive Owl***

***Peter Hobday and Sara Hirsch***

***Simon Bowes (Kings of England)***

'Accidental DRUNKEN NIGHTS' will take place at The Monarch Bar on Chalk Farm Road in Camden, and will be a great opportunity for us to reach new audiences in a different part of London, and increase the profile of the project. It will help us to continue providing FREE performance work to a wide range of audiences - including those who would not normally attend the arts.

>>>>>‘Taking live art out of the stuffy gallery space and injecting into bawdy pubs has been thrilling, scary, challenging, hilarious and compelling. Totally inspiring.' (Adam James<<<<<

Any donation you make will be a huge help, and will allow us to continue reaching new audiences and supporting the work of exciting artists. If you're still not convinced, here's a bit more about what makes the project worth funding...




  • DRUNKEN NIGHTS takes place in the main bar spaces - events are un-ticketed, and not hidden away upstairs or in a back room. So anyone who happens to be in the pub for a few pints will be exposed to the performances.
  • Pubs present a relaxed, informal setting for people to experience contemporary performance work for the first time - with a drink in their hand, surrounded by friends and the opportunity to have a chat with people in-between each piece.
  • We love the idea of giving artists the opportunity to make rowdy, messy, unpredictable and out of control work. And pubs are a great context for this - setting artists free from more formal arts venues.



  • Audience figures - with free entry we can attract a big crowd to support the artists.
  • New audiences - making the events free and un-ticketed means that people who wouldn't normally consider going to an arts events can just stumble across the performances completely by accident. This accounts for over a quarter of our audiences.
  • Free entry makes for a more open, inclusive and thriving environment. We want to build a community with DRUNKEN NIGHTS, with a regular audience base that keeps expanding as the project progresses.
  • Keeping it free also keeps it relaxed and informal - it takes the pressure of artists who are presenting unfinished work or works-in-progress. 



  • We all know that financially it is a tough time for all industries, and the arts is certainly feeling the strain. 
  • DRUNKEN NIGHTS provides wide audiences with the opportunity to see work for free.
  • We provide artists and companies with free support, space, mentoring and production budgets.
  • The project helps to stimulate local economies by bringing people into the area and supporting local independent pubs.
  • Accidental DRUNKEN NIGHTS is an opportunity to reach a festival audience, which will help to build our audience and raise our public profile - thus allowing us to offer further development support to emerging and early career artists.

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A swift one down the local

£4.00 or more : A special thank you / mention on Twitter and Facebook


A couple of pints and some bar snacks

£10.00 or more : A link to your website, Youtube or business etc on our Facebook page. Plus a special thank you and several mentions on Twitter


A steady night round the town

£25.00 or more : An invitation to see a work-in-progress sharing of our new show, La Noche Oscura Del Alma, in May 2013. Plus: A link to your website, Youtube or business etc on our Facebook page, and a special thank you and several mentions on Twitter.



£50.00 or more : An exclusive copy of AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH THEM on DVD (not currently available to purchase). Plus: An invitation to see a work-in-progress sharing of our new show, La Noche Oscura Del Alma, in May 2013. And: A link to your website on our Facebook page, and a special thank you and several mentions on Twitter.


The mother of all DRUNKEN NIGHTS!!!

£100.00 or more : A special thank you on our website and blogs, with a permanent link to your site or social media on the Drunken Chorus and DRUNKEN NIGHTS blogs. We'll also throw in an opportunity to get industry advice from Drunken Chorus and our associate artists (by email). Plus: A copy of AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH THEM on DVD, and an invitation to see a work-in-progress of our new show in May. And: A link to your website on our Facebook, and several mentions on Twitter.