What Users say about Sponsume


5 out of 5 based on 39 testimonials.

After a false start with another crowdfunding site, it was a real joy to work with Sponsume. The site is really easy to use and navigate and we received exceptional service throughout, ending up 108% of target. A big advantage to Sponsume is also that you receive funds even if you don't reach target - which could be a real bonus if you are just short of target. All round a highly effective site which I would recommend to anyone wanting to raise funding in a new and innovative way.

Project: Barefoot Doctor presents The Big Om
5 out of 5

Rachel Elnaugh, Entrepreneur, Star of BBCTV's Dragons' Den, business mentor and producer of The Big Om mass sound healing event at Wembley on 12.12.12.


'I'm so glad we used Sponsume to finance The Halloween Kid! Not only did we reach our goal very quickly, but we nearly doubled it in the end, which allowed us to pay our crew decently and add a much-needed extra day to the shoot. Used in conjunction with Twitter and other social networks, Sponsume is a fantastic tool, and it is extremely easy to use. I couldn't recommend it more.'

Project: The Halloween Kid
5 out of 5

Axelle Carolyn, Filmmaker and Director of The Halloween Kid.


'Sponsume is a brilliantly organised and supportive method of crowdfunding. Recommend to anybody. Efficient, friendly, and gets results! Thanks for all your help.'

Project: Belarus Free Theatre's King Lear
5 out of 5

Emily Dobbs, Belarus Free Theatre.


Sponsume is a great site for creative projects to be funded. The generous backers felt like they had a safe and reliable place to make contributions and that was how we reached our target. The team are friendly and are on hand if you ever have questions. Our production can now go ahead and we couldn't be happier!

Project: Immersion in Place
5 out of 5

Imogen Bland, Co-director and choreographer of Sounding Motion.


'Thanks for providing a great platform. Sponsume has given us the chance to find our audience and bring our film to life in a way which simply did not exist in the past. Now, any filmmaker with a good story and bags of tenacity can make their project happen! Thanks to Sponsume, the rules of film are changing; We're all film producers now!'

Project: Mouse
4 out of 5

Justin Tagg, Filmmaker and Director of Mouse.


'Sponsume has been the perfect platform for us to finance and promote our short film. We hit our target much faster than we were expecting and went past the 170% mark by the end of the campaign. It will truly enable the film to reach its full potential - we literally could not make the film without Sponsume. All the building blocks are ready for you to use and the support during the campaign from the Sponsume page is tremendous. All you have to do is put some real time and thought into the content for your page and create a strong video pitch. You have every chance of success. Thanks again!'

Project: The Stuntman
5 out of 5

David Pimm, Filmmaker and Director of The Stuntman


For a long time, new film makers have struggled to get funding for their projects, however with Sponsume anyone with a solid idea and the drive to get their project heard can get the funding they need to turn their idea into a reality. Its a priceless tool for the indie film maker of the 21st Century!

Project: Project "Echo"
5 out of 5

Sam Walker, Filmmaker and Director of Project Echo


'Using Sponsume was a brilliant idea! It was easy to set up an account and track the funding, a much quicker and easier way to fund raise. Any questions that I had regarding the website were answered imminently and I could not fault the process one bit! My project was funded very quickly and the money raised has been used by my theatre company to promote our latest project and has allowed us to buy props and costumes which we need. 10/10 for Sponsume!'

Project: Fluid Entity
5 out of 5

Emma Bowen, Fluid Entity


'We chose Sponsume because it was the most flexible platform we could find and supported our project in a way that made it easy to share with all our networks. We believe our video and the ethos of our work helped us stand out and reach our target and some extra! Sponsume provided a quick, easy and professional service and kept us updated on our progress. The Woolgather Art Prize 2012 can now be a bigger celebration and benefit artists in the future.'

Project: Woolgather Art Prize
4 out of 5

Christopher Woodward, Woolgather Art Prize


'Sponsume is a quick and easy to use method of sharing your project with funders. I ran a marathon to raise money for artists and filmmakers, using Sponsume helped me preserve energy for the race.'

Project: It's Got Legs - Artist and Filmmaker Travel Bursary
5 out of 5

Luke Moody, Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation.


'I recently used this site to raise for a recording of a new musical. I reached my target before the deadline and even raised more than I ever thought I would. I believe this is due to how easy this site is to use. I'm not a very computer savvy person but I found this site easy to negotiate my way around. It was fantastic to be able to link so easily to Twitter and Facebook. I have since recommended this site to my sister and my best friend, who are both now using it to raise funds for their own projects. I can't recommend this site enough!!!'

Project: My Land's Shore -- original cast recording
5 out of 5

Christopher J Orton, musical theatre composer, Project Leader for the musical My Land's Shore.


'Sponsume gives really excellent service, a quick response to queries, and overall it was a very positive, successful experience. And a very reasonable commission too, unlike some crowd-funding sites we could mention'

Project: Marthas & Arthurs: debut album release
5 out of 5

Marthas & Arthurs, Singers and Musicians.


'I've been really happy with the experience using Sponsume. It's been a fantastic way to fund my next album, The Seed. It has shown me the power of social media, and has enabled my project to go ahead when other options failed. I'd recommend this as a brilliant way to build a following and a strong backing of keen supporters for your project! Top tips: don't shut up about it, thank each individual backer publicly, constantly update the percentage raised, make interesting and unique packages, have fun with it!'

Project: Meme
5 out of 5

Plum (aka Shona Maguire), Singer and Musician.


'As a small charity we're always looking for creative ways to raise funds for our projects. Our Gift A Tree project was particularly special and we wanted to bring it to life with a quirky animation which we could share with a wide audience - old and new! Sponsume is very well organised and presented, so it was an ideal space. It was great to be able to direct our supporters to somewhere they could donate quickly and easily, and to attract new supporters by being on this shared public platform. The Sponsume team have been very supportive along the way and we were delighted to reach our target!'

Project: Gift a Tree to the Rainmakers!
5 out of 5

Rowan Phillimore, The Gaia Foundation.


'That moment when you are producing a ten minute period drama set in a 40s hospital ward on a student budget and Sponsume saves the day. Thanks to Sponsume we raised over our target and head out to battle on set tomorrow at dawn. This wouldn't have been possible without the site.'

Project: Lambeth
5 out of 5

Kate Maxwell, Director of Lambeth.


'The GO OPERA team received nothing but help and encouragement from everyone at Sponsume before, during and after their crowdfunding campaign. The online format was cool, easy to use and understand and above all else - it worked! Thanks to the whole team for making what could have been a very stressful process very pleasant indeed. Sponsume rocks GO OPERA's world!'

5 out of 5

Elly Condron & Dominic Kraemer, Directors of GO OPERA.


'With the current public funding cuts funding is very difficult to find, so Sponsume presented the perfect solution, allowing us to do our own fundraising and also giving us a chance to connect with our listeners in a more personal way. Because of the money we raised through Sponsume, the event was a great success and we were able to create a new fan base around the UK. Thank you!'

Project: Transfigured Night
4 out of 5

William Kunhardt, Conductor of the Arensky Chamber Orchestra.


'I can't believe the support we got, very overwhelming and lovely. Were very much looking forward to getting the album done and to start distributing the rewards. Sponsume has just made our project a lot more fun and creative. There are many good words going round Northern Ireland now about your funding platform and we found it so easy to use, so thanks again!'

Project: FARRIERS Debut Album
5 out of 5

Rachel Coulter (The Farriers), Musician.


'The platform and help Sponsume provided was invaluable in getting my film UnderMining Justice off the ground. The great thing about Sponsume is that it's not only a great way of raising money, but also a way of bringing people together and involved in something they care about.'

Project: UnderMining Justice
5 out of 5

Michael Watts, Journalist and Film maker.


'Sponsume has been a truly sensational way to fund our Star Wars project, Prisoner 66.
Who knew crowdfunding could be so successful!
We have benefited from reaching our funding goal which has enabled us to really make our film without having to cut any corners and also meeting new cast and crew members that found out about the project through the site.
I would recommend Sponsume to any budding directors looking for that bit of extra support for their films or any project for that matter!
Also it created a great buzz on social networking sites and we even got a few articles published about the crowdfunding!!'

Project: Prisoner 66
5 out of 5

Kas Latif, Filmmaker and Director of Prisoner 66.


'Raising funds on Sponsume was a great experience. We hit our target plus a little bit more. It was an easy site to use and out of the various crowd funding sites I've tried so far, was the most successful. Thanks to Sponsume for helping me to reach my target. I'll be putting my next pitch up soon!'

Project: Still Born, Still Loved
5 out of 5

Debbie Howard, FIlm Director.


'We found Sponsume to be a straightforward, easy-to-use and effective way to engage with our potential supporters and the backup from the Sponsume team in helping push our campaign was first class. If you have an established group of people interested in your work then using Sponsume is a no-brainer - as long as you're able to commit the time to doing your own bit in terms of pushing your campaign out to your networks. We also loved the fact that unlike other crowdfunding sites, it's NOT an all-or-nothing approach in terms of your target. What's not to like?!'

Project: Hamish Henderson Archive
5 out of 5

Steve Byrne, Folk Musician and Music Producer.


'My colleagues and I founded a theatre company in Jan '11 with the sole intention of producing exciting work. We had no money, no assets, and no fundraising experience, but thanks to Sponsume we'd raised £1000 and gained a huge amount of ideas by July.

Sponsume allowed us to reach the very people that we most wanted to by allowing us a completely free hand in constructing our pitch. We therefore were able to enthuse and excite those with the same vision as ourselves, and thus were able to avoid compromising our art in a way that corporate sponsorship would undoubtedly have forced us to.

Critically, the Sponsume staff were not only always ready to answer questions but did so in an encouraging, informative and relaxed manner, making our entire project carefree and engrossing to watch unfurl.

They pay up without delay too!

Ninth Life Theatre Company will always recommend Sponsume.com and certainly use it again.'

Project: 'The Questionnaire' - Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011
5 out of 5

Christopher Birks, Ninth Life Theatre Company.


'While I was looking for ways of fundraising to distribute my documentary I stumbled across Sponsume by sheer luck. I'm extremely glad I did - it helped me to raise the money I needed to produce 200 DVDs and set up my website beyondthebrink.org. It's a great, innovative way to raise money and raise awareness about your project at the same time!'

Project: Beyond the Brink Launch
5 out of 5

Ross Harrison, Filmmaker and Director of Beyond The Brink.


'Using Sponsume was an idiot-proof, professional-appearing, very easily accessible way of reaching (and exceeding!) our fundraising target. I would highly recommend it to other artists needing to raise crucial funds.'

Project: Bridport's Lyric Theatre needs your help!
5 out of 5

Tessa Bide, Manager of The Bridport Lyric Theatre.


'Very much enjoyed being a part of the early days of Sponsume. You're incredibly supportive of your projects and were open to suggestions and requests. Our little film would have been very different without you!'

Project: Three-Legged Horses
4 out of 5

Felipe Bustos Sierra, Director of Three-Legged Horses.


'I had heard about crowd funding in America and was delighted to find a site here in the British Isles delivering the same service. In these times of ever decreasing funding and sponsorship for the Arts, Sponsume is and will be a life line to artists who would be struggling otherwise. Sponsume allows you to raise funds in a way that avoids borrowing - allowing you to presell your product. I found Greg and his team very helpful, very easy to work with and the site was easy to navigate. The instructions helping me get started with my project were very easy to follow and made the whole process less stressful. Artists should know that it is not enough to just put your project up for sponsorship - you will need to work hard at it for the duration of your project to get people involved. But the results are well worth the effort.'

Project: Farewell To Cold Winter CD
5 out of 5

Fil Campbell, Singer & Producer of Farewell to Cold Winter.


'Without Sponsume my short film could never have gone ahead. In these times of cuts finding funding is harder than ever.

Sponsume provided me with a website that I could invite everyone to come and look at, from friends and family to people I had met in the film industry. Because there is no pressure from the site it is a fantastic place to talk about your project and let people contribute any amount they feel able. It is a way of lots of people believing in a project and making it happen.

The site was incredibly easy to use and any other communication or help that I needed was always answered or dealt with very quickly.'

Project: Il Maestro
5 out of 5

Jennie Paddon, Director of Il Maestro.


'Sponsume is a simple-to-use, efficient & efficacious platform, that fills the huge void left by the collapse of public arts funding. Its terms and very transparent and very fair. We're delighted to have reached our target - without these funds our exhibition would simply not be possible. Sponsume makes the process of fundraising easier.'

Project: Broken Fingaz Crew Exhibition
5 out of 5

Charlotte Jansen, No Way arts collective.


'Our Sponsume experience was simply fantastic. We are so thrilled to have achieved our funding goal, and so grateful that such a platform existed to help back our theatre project. Backers seem to have been attracted to the simplicity of the site and the ease of the process - and we can now afford all our technical equipment. The behind-the-scenes team was also very helpful, offering guidance and advice whenever needed. I'll definitely use the site again for future creative projects!'

Project: The Memory of Water
5 out of 5

Adrienne Zitt, Actress & Founder of Actors Kitchen.


'Wonderful - Thanks so much for everything! I'm sure you'll see us again soon on Sponsume! I will certainly be recommending you to my film-maker friends.'

Project: The Man who is Free to Dance
5 out of 5

Nick Street, Filmmaker, Video Editor & Music Maker - Member of the Free To Dance team.


'Sponsume has been a huge success for us as part of our campaign to raise money to take marginalised young people to Tanzania this summer. The platform is easy to navigate and monitor, the information is presented clearly and the support from staff is incredible. Thanks again.'

Project: Transform Young Lives
5 out of 5

James Robinson, Project leader, Transform Young Lives.


'I would like to say thanks for the great service you have provided. It's proven to be a very useful way to crowdfund my project and I hope to use it again in the future. Apart from the site being easy to use, the support from Greg and his team were excellent. Not only did they respond quickly to any queries I had but they actively promoted my project as the deadline approached which effectively resulted in me reaching my target amount.'

Project: Munro Film
4 out of 5

James Urquhart, Science journalist and director of The Munros.

'I found using Sponsume to be a truly positive experience and I think that you are doing extremely well.

'The site is simple to use and presents the projects clearly and professionally, and there are lots of useful tips on how to get the most out of your funding appeal.

I think that you are very fair and present a strong ethical stance, inspiring confidence and commitment to propose and back projects in an open and positive way.

I wish you all the best for the future and hope to be able to work Sponsume again on my next project.'

Project: Temp/Casual
5 out of 5

Ben Power, Director of the Spent Ambition Theatre.

'This is an impressively well-designed and well-functioning crowdfunding site. Come up with a question anytime of the day - you can be sure it's going to be answered just within minutes! When does the Sponsume team ever sleep?!
We'll have to crowd-timefund them soon so that they can continue doing their great job.'

Project: Voices of the Transition
5 out of 5

N. Aguilar, documentary filmmaker, Director of Voices of the Transition.


'After searching tirelessly for a crowd funding website that 1) would definitely accept our project and 2) allow payments in Euros, i was delighted to stumble across Sponsume. We achieved our funding goal within two days and ended up achieving double what we had hoped to raise. Payment was transferred without any problems and to the agreed timescale. I would definitely recommend this website.'

Project: The lost art of keeping a secret - so tell everyone!
5 out of 5

Ian Cumbers, Pieta House Suicide Crisis Centre.


'We really enjoyed our crowdfunding experience with Sponsume. They were always helpful and encouraging, answered all of our questions promptly and worked out any issues immediately. We can highly recommend Sponsume for any crowdfunding projects you may want to do.'

Project: Out Of Order
5 out of 5

Andromeda Godfrey, Actress and Proucer, Make Light Productions.


'Sponsume has been an excellent platform for us to finance and promote our short film YELLOW. It is a very simple and easy to navigate website and it was a pleasure to raise our budget with Sponsume. I would highly recommend it to any other filmmakers out there looking to raise finances.'

Project: Yellow - A New Giallo Short
5 out of 5

Ryan Haysom, Filmmaker and Director of Yellow.


'Sponsume opened up a huge number of opportunities for us that would have otherwise been out of reach. By being able to approach the project as a way of getting friends, family and fans involved with us as a band and offer special rewards for funding, all our backers are now as excited and enthusiatic about our music and our future as we are. From the smallest donation to the largest everyone made our dream possible and it is only the start of a journey and hopefully career which Sponsume made possible.'

Project: Wires
5 out of 5

The Wires, Bristol-based alternative rock band.