About Us

Sponsume is an independent venture based in London.

Launched in 2010, we are a crowdfunding platform and community dedicated to creativity and innovation.

Sponsume received praise from a number of publications, including Wired, TechCrunch Europe, The Times, The Guardian, the BBC website, the British Journal of Photography, The Stage, and Le Figaro.

Sponsume was founded by Grégory Vincent, a passionate advocate of microfinance. Prior to creating Sponsume, Grégory worked as an assistant tutor in Politics at Oxford University. Sponsume's logo was designed by Hackney-based artist Violaine Verry. Website design and development by Jan Lodey and Reece Marsland.

We are based at 73 Westick Gardens, W14 0BS in London, UK. Sponsume.com is a limited company registered in England & Wales (no. 06968334).

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