Art installation in London in July-August 2015 addressing the subject of HIV in the gay community.
Westminster, GB
GBP £3,121
GBP £15,000
fund target
43 days
to go
The Herd: Brutal new horror with a purpose. Directed by Melanie Light.
London, GB
GBP £2,599.66
GBP £6,500
fund target
13 days
to go

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As a small charity we're always looking for creative ways to raise funds for our projects. Our Gift A Tree project was particularly special and we wanted to bring it to life with a quirky animation which we could share with a wide audience - old and new! Sponsume is very well organised and presented, so it was an ideal space. It was great to be able to direct our supporters to somewhere they could donate quickly and easily, and to attract new supporters by being on this shared public platform. The Sponsume team have been very supportive along the way and we were delighted to reach our target!

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